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Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance National Truck Repair Directory 

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Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance & Fleet Services 24 Hour Dispatch That Work For Your Company, We Got all Your Breakdwon Needs Covers Nationwide in The USA and Canada.

No matter what kind of trucks your company uses, our 24-hour commercial roadside assistance programs cover your employees while they’re on the road, whether your drivers are going across the country or just across town. Our affordable pay-per-vehicle plans allow you to provide complete truck roadside assistance protection for each of your commercial vehicles, no matter which employee may be driving.

Whatever your company’s industry or wherever your trucking routes take you, our commercial vehicle roadside assistance services are designed to get your drivers back on the road as quickly as we can – providing excellent coverage for your employees and your bottom line!

Commercial Truck Service Anywhere, Any Time.

No matter where or when your drivers may need roadside assistance, we’ll take care of them. Our roadside assistance services for truckers are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year across the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Plus, our mobile app adds additional convenience to our commercial roadside assistance plans, giving your drivers the option to use digital membership cards and enabling us to use our fast-acting GPS technology solution to pinpoint breakdown locations in seconds.

Whether your commercial fleet vehicles need roadside assistance in a busy city intersection or on a rural scenic road, we have service packages that will keep them covered, with more towing miles than most other roadside assistance companies. Our packages include 25, 50, or even 100 towing miles, so we can get your drivers to a trusted service station no matter where they break down.

Our Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance Services

Our roadside assistance plans for semi trucks and other large commercial vehicles provide coverage for a variety of roadside issues, including:

  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Jump Starts
  • Flat Tire Changes
  • Lockout Assistance
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Collision Assistance
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Truck Repair Directory provide truck dealers roadside assistance and mobile diesel repair for tractor trailers, refrigerator trucks, commercial vehicles, dump trucks, flat beds, tanker trucks & more. We service all makes & models including Freightliner™, Peterbilt™, Kenworth™, International™, Mack™, Volvo™, Western Star™, Sterling™,Paccarr™,Thermoking™,carrier Transicold™ & many others! Our ASE certified & licensed experts trucks & trailers repair for all your diesel engine repairs needs.

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Truck Repair Directory Semi Truck Repair, Trailer Repair, Breakdown Directory U.S. and Canada. Directory provides drivers and dispatchers current information on repair shops nationwide Search results with names, addresses, phone numbers and driving directions, including those offering 24 hour road service. Why you should join Truck repair directory? Truck Repair Directory contains over 1 million sites and over 30 categories! Search fast thousands of truck repair related services, Locate the nearest Commercial Truck Parts, Towing Service, Truck Repair Service, Truck, Trailer, Tire Breakdown Repair, including trucking, logistics and warehousing companies in U.S. and Canada. 
Online Directory for trucking business, trucking jobs, repairs, tires and services along with finance, equipment loans, logistics, truck sales, truck stops, towing, Online business directory of links to transportation companies offering a variety of freight transport services. 
We provide links to commercial(for-hire) and private owner operator trucking.
The goal of this online directory is to include only quality websites with highly relevant content. This is possible because our moderators carefully review websites before inclusion into the directory. 1-800-592-3295 

Truck repair directory it's network platform between trucking companies, truckers, truck repair shops and thousands of trucks vendors that will supply roadside service, loads and delivery services and other important related logistics services.


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Truck Repair Directory National Truck & Trailer Vendors Services Breakdown Directory is your most comprehensive guide to semi truck repair facilities nationwide. We provide a comprehensive helps you Locate the nearest Semi Truck Repair, Commercial Truck Parts, Towing Service, Truck Repair Service, Truck, Trailer, Tire Breakdown Repair. 

Roadside Assistance Fleet Management Maintenance Program $399 per year USA & Canada:

NFTRS.COM National Fleet Truck Repair Services is your source for Fleet Maintenance Programs.

The Best Fleet Management Maintenance Program USA & Canada 24/7/365 Days.

Fleet Management is a transparent program that is an alternative to contract maintenance, full service lease and PEG programs managing all types of commercial vehicles, material handling and industrial equipment. 
NFTRS.COM National Fleet Truck Repair Services Fleet provides all elements of a fleet's maintenance program including the establishment and oversight of preventive maintenance programs.

Our Plan is great for one commercial vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, our payment plans allow you to choose coverage and peace of mind for all your vehicles and drivers within USA and Canada 24/7/365 Days.


Fleet roadside assistance plan coverage $399 per year per vehicle.

For roadside assistance for more than one vehicle or large fleet group rate benefits programs are available at discount prices please call us 1-800-592-3295 for estimate base on your fleet size. click on the Becoming Memebers  or copy and tranfer to your browser you can also email us 

Unlimited Roadside Assistance Includes:

Towing - up to 50 miles per disablement 
Flat Tire Assistance / We  will replace your own tire on your vehicle. 
Tire Replacement Assistance - up to $100 per disablement
Mobile Mechanic Service - up to $150
Vehicle Winching / Extricating  up to $200
Custom Trip Routing / Navigation Assistance
Vehicle Jump start
Hotel and Travel Discounts 
Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service up to $150.00
Locksmith Lockout / Replacement Key Services - up to $100
Fuel Delivery Service - up to 15 gallons of fuel - up to $100
Concierge Service - restaurants, lodging, truck stops, fuel stops, etc.

The purpose of NFTRS.COM National Fleet Truck Repair Services Fleet (Total Maintenance Care) is to manage vendors and the maintenance process, ensuring sound maintenance programs at every location nationwide, as well as DOT/OSHA rules and regulations and company compliance. 
NFTRS.COM National Fleet Truck Repair Services Fleet's management of the vendors and maintenance process allows management to see “where the money is going.” Each invoice is audited for accuracy and compliance. 
The NFTRS.COM National Fleet Truck Repair Services Fleet program allows consolidated billing, interfacing with the customer's cost tracking system, as well as dollar level thresholds for estimates and approvals. 
NFTRS.COM National Fleet Truck Repair Services Fleet is designed to be completely customizable by the customer to meet their specific requirements, even if those requirements do not necessitate the full utilization of all available service offerings within the program.

Roadside assistance—call us at 1-800-592-3295 or get in touch

NFTRS.COM National Fleet Truck Repair Services Fleet North America provides maintenance management by managing vendors and the maintenance process through specific customer requirements in the following services: 
Fleet Management, Emergency Roadside Assistance, Towing & Recovery, Material Handling Maintenance, System Solution, Specialized Solutions and Data Analysis & Information.
Flexibility means offering a full line of solutions to fit customers’ specific needs. Transparency is the way we do business – passing vendor invoices through to the customer without markup means passing savings onto the customer. 
Communication is constant – the customer never has to guess what is going on with their equipment. 
Information Accessibility is essential to managing your fleet properly.

Fleet Owners & Owner Operators -- (Join for Free Paid only when you use our services.)
Service Providers (Vendors) -- (Join our Network for free)

Other Services we offers

1. Truck Repair/ Shop and Mobile
2. Truck / Trailer refrigeration unit repair
3. Marine container unit repair
4. Mobile service
5. 24-hour road call
6. Reefer unit refurbishing
7. Truck AC service
8. Truck/tractor repairs
9. Warehouse refrigeration service
10. Refrigerant recycling
11. Over-counter parts sales
12. Truck body repairs
13. Trailer repairs
14. Painting
15. Trailer sales
16. Truck body sales
17. Wrecker/towing service
18. Trailer leasing/rental/storage
19. Cargo heaters
20. APUs
21. Authorized Carrier dealer
Roadside assistance—call us at 1-800-592-3295 or get in touch

22. Authorized Thermo King dealer
23.Towing & Recovery

NFTRS.COM National Fleet Truck Repair Services Fleet services are comprised of emergency roadside assistance and all other scheduled and unscheduled services for commercial vehicles, material handling and industrial equipment. NFTRS.COM National Fleet Truck Repair Services Fleet has customizable solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs with two basic services. The first, NFTRS.COM National Fleet Truck Repair Services Fleet, encompasses the management and administration of all maintenance, handled through third party vendors, for all types of commercial equipment, including but not limited to, PM schedules, FHWA annual inspections, pre-trip inspection repairs, etc. The second, Roadside, encompasses the emergency repair of vehicle classes 3 thru 8.

Beyond the NFTRS.COM National Fleet Truck Repair Services Fleet flexible solutions and the Roadside emergency services, we offer other specialized services such as the management of unique vendor requirements for on-site repairs and specific vendor insurance requirements. We also offer detailed computer

integration and development to enhance the customer’s availability to operational data.

Towing & Recovery

Of the 65,000+ towing providers in our database, over half (called “Select” towing providers) handle around 80% of the towing events. NFTRS.COM National Fleet Truck Repair Services Fleet has negotiated vendor rates and insurance certificates with these “Select” towing providers. We're established across the country for all towing needs including our Transport and Tow program. This program provides three quotes on moving equipment on a non-emergency basis. NFTRS.COM National Fleet Truck Repair Services Fleet’s Select Towing & Recovery program addresses Non-Consensual Towing and Incident Management as well as Accident Recovery, Load Swap and more. Using the same Select Towing Vendors, our Vehicle Securement Program promptly secures a fleet's abandoned equipment. This program minimizes the risks, as well as, costs of delivered freight and unsecured equipment.

Emergency Roadside Assistance Our goal is to get your vehicle back on the road, communicate all events, and eliminate downtime and worry. We have internally developed computer systems that coordinators use to locate and dispatch the most qualified vendor. Our dedicated follow-up coordinators use these automatic system control functions to alert them of required outbound service calls that need to be made to the vendors to obtain up-to-date status reports. This group constantly monitors the status of each event with the vendor recording notes, etc. Once the event is updated with a work complete status, the system then notifies the customer via email with completion times and details – not to mention making all such data available via the web under a secured login environment. The process is supported by a technically advanced phone system which records all calls (inbound and outbound). Our service center handles over 2 million calls per year. The Cisco VOIP phone system also allows the shift supervisor to monitor how many coordinators are available to receive inbound calls and how many calls are on hold and hold times, all focused on proper phone management down to the individual user level.
With customer specific requirements and specialized solutions, NFTRS.COM National Fleet Truck Repair Services Fleet’s flexibility has major advantages for the customers. We proactively manage fleet maintenance and reduce maintenance costs by monitoring ECM fault codes, using VMRS coding & costing, utilize national tire accounts, identify available warranties and minimize downtime.
NFTRS.COM National Fleet Truck Repair Services Fleet manages the best network of commercial repair vendors in the industry. We have long-term professional relationships with our vendors and the reputation for paying them on time. In 2012, we paid over 16,100 vendors not including National Tire Accounts our customers used. Below is an illustration representing NFTRS.COM National Fleet Truck Repair Services Fleet’s vendor network. To learn more about the selection and quality of our vendor network.

Truck Breakdown and Road Rescue Service 1-800-592-3295
NFTRS.COM Breakdown Road Rescue is the service that never sleeps. Every minute of every year, we deliver expert:
Truck roadside assistance. 

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