Emergency Semi Truck & Trailer Commercial Roadside Assistance

Emergency Semi Truck & Trailer Commercial Roadside Assistance
Have a flat, run out of gas, or need a jump? Emergency Semi Truck & Trailer Commercial Roadside Assistance will help get you off the side of the road and back in the fast lane in no time.

Heavy Duty

 Fluid Delivery

 Jump Start

 Tire Change

 Tire Repair


 Tow - Landoll/Lowboy


 Mobile mechanic 

As a NFTRS Member, you have access to emergency road service 24 hours a day in the United States and Canada. In Mexico, Emergency Semi Truck & Trailer Commercial Roadside Assistance services are available through member reimbursement only. 
Your membership covers per vehicle per year, we will check vin number. 

The Emergency Semi Truck & Trailer Commercial Roadside Assistance benefit provides up to $100-$200 per disablement for the following covered services provided by a commercial garage, locksmith, or tow provider:

Towing- NFTRS will tow your covered commercial vehicle to a location of your choice.

Delivery of emergency fuel/fluids- NFTRS will arrange for the delivery of fuel to the covered commercial vehicle, except where prohibited by law.

Jump start/battery boost- NFTRS will arrange for a simple jump-start of the covered commercial vehicle's drained battery. Only batteries used to start the vehicle's engine are covered.

Changing a tire- NFTRS will arrange for the changing of a flat tire on a covered commercial vehicle using the vehicle's working spare tire.

Lockout/locksmith- NFTRS will arrange for locksmith services to assist with opening the door of a covered commercial vehicle and/or obtaining a replacement key.

Winching/vehicle extraction- NFTRS will arrange for the extraction by winch services of a covered commercial vehicle that is within 100 feet of a maintained roadway.

Delivery/installation of parts- When arranging any of the previously listed emergency roadside services, if it is determined that parts may need to be delivered to the site and/or may need to be installed, NFTRS will arrange for parts to be delivered and installed.

covered commercial vehicles 
NFTRS offers Emergency Semi Truck & Trailer Commercial Roadside Assistance services licensed commercial motor vehicles used for private, on-road transportation, including tractor trailr diesel trucks vehicles, semi trucks, semi trailers, bus, motor coach, motor-home, equipment trailers, RVs and diesel straight box trucks trucks. Trailers of any kind are covered for tire change, fuel, battery jump-start or lockout service only.

non commercial vehicles, cars, and dirt bikes, and ATVs are not eligible for coverage. Vehicles that have been submerged in water, or have been off-road and are not on a maintained roadway are not covered for Emergency Semi Truck & Trailer Commercial Roadside Assistance.

The Emergency Semi Truck & Trailer Commercial Roadside Assistance benefit does not provide coverage for non-members who drive your truck, or for the cost of a tire, battery, parts, gasoline, diesel or service while at an truck or trailer repair shop or service station, or for more than one tow per disablement. This is an emergency benefit and is not intended to underwrite any business expense or substitute for regular commercial vehicle maintenance. An emergency situation does not include replacement of windshields, installation or removal of chains, snow tires, service for an unlicensed commercial vehicle, impounded commercial vehicle, or a vehicle in unsafe condition.

This benefit does not cover acts of nature such as flooding, hurricanes, or tornados. Members who are also owners, operators, or employees of a commercial garage, locksmith, or tow provider may not use that company to provide services for themselves or other members on their membership. NFTRS can assume no liability for any damage to the member's vehicle (including personal items left in the vehicle) or property resulting from the rendering of services. Any claims must be filed against the independent service provider.
Benefit availability is dependent upon.

Fleet roadside assistance plan coverage $399 per year per vehicle. (U.S. Dollars)

For roadside assistance for more than one vehicle or large fleet group rate benefits programs are available at discount prices please call us 1-800-592-3295 for estimate base on your fleet size. click on the link or copy and tranfer to your browser http://www.nttmfs.com/sites/all/themes/professional_responsive_theme/Fleet-Account.pdf you can also email us sales@nttmfs.com 

Unlimited Roadside Assistance Programs Includes:
Towing up to 50 miles per disablement
Flat tire assistance, tire swap, tire change, we replace your own tire on your vehicle
Tire replacement assistance need new tire for your commercial vehicle up to $100 per disablement
Free Vehicle Jump start
Battery replacement up to $100
Mobile mechanic service up to $150
Vehicle Winching, Extricating up to $200
Oil, fluid and water delivery service up to $150
Locksmith lockout services, locks key replacements services up to $100
Fuel delivery service up to 15 gallons of fuel up to $100
24 hours dispatch answering services, call center contact customer services
Concierge Service: restaurants, lodging, truck stops, fuel stops, etc...
Hotel, motels and travel discounts
Need help with rental , Car, trailer or truck rental and leasing finder service
We will pick you up and pick you back when your vehicle broke down, free pickup to hotel and back to the repair shop
Custom trip routing navigation assistance
Help with directions on the road.

We are here to help you with anything on the road and to make sure you can sleep good at night knowing you are in very good hands for all your roadside assistance and breakdown needs.

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