Commercial Trucking

Commercial Trucking

When you’re driven commercial vehicle, you have to think bigger. Maybe that’s why the team at NFTRS Fleet Management has gone all out to provide the heavy duty trucking and commercial fleet organizations with the best in incident management. 
Our customer-centered team is there for you when you need them. Wherever you need them. 24/7/365. That’s what NFTRS Fleet Management is all about.

"We're team players at NFTRS Fleet Management. You see it in the way we partner with our clients to customize the best roadside programs. 
You see it in the seamless way we partner with our service providers. Seamless is how we roll."

NFTRS Fleet Management

When a big rig truck or trailer breaks down, commerce grinds to a halt. We understand. That’s why one call to NFTRS Vendor Relations Fleet Management puts you in touch with a knowledgeable, living breathing customer service expert who will determine your location and dispatch a heavy duty towing truck to your aid.
Heavy Duty Roadside Assistance to the Rescue
Our heavy duty towing roadside assistance services cover all the bases. 
From towing to winch outs. 
From mobile mechanical breakdown services. 
From pull starts, Jumpstart to lockouts services.
From basic accident assistance to changing and repairing tires.

Heavy Duty Towing. One Consolidated Solution.
When you choose NFTRS Fleet Management, you get it all. We consolidate our billing, so you have just one bill to pay. We network with the best heavy duty towing services across North America so you have just one toll-free number to call 1-800-592-3295. 
And we pre-negotiate the price so you get the best deal around. Plus, our network of providers are insured in case any damage were to occur along the way.

Other Commercial Towing Services 


Local and Long Distance Breakdown Recovery (Commercials Only)
Total Lift (Damage Free) Lorry Loader Recovery (Commercials Trucks, Trailers Only)
On and Off Road Accident Recovery (All Commercials)
Underwater Recovery, Truck Accident Traffic Management
Heavy Rotator Vehicle Recovery
Sliding Axle Recovery Trailer (total lift for commercials)
Hazardous Goods Vehicle Recovery (Breakdown and Accident)
Heavy Winching
Specialist Contractors Plant Recovery
Traffic Management Recovery
Rescue Services Assistance
Tow and recovery technicians available 24/7/365
Industry-certified tow and recovery technicians
Top-of-the-line towing and recovery equipment
Insurance-approved wreck recovery and cleanup
Off-loading available, load shifting services
We respond to every call as if it were an emergency
Member of the Professional Towing and
Recovery Association

Find out what the NFTRS Fleet Management team can do for your business. Contact us today.

For fleet program account holders and insurance providers, our team is there every step of the way, whether the vehicle is headed to the repair shop, inspection site, auction or salvage facility. 
We not only initiate the emergency breakdown towing assistance process, but we proactively manage it, through payment and vehicle release processes.

It's all designed to reduce repair cycle time, save your company money on claims for storage and truck rentals, and get your fleet program account holders back on the road.

emergency breakdown towing assistance network covers the entire United States and Canada
Guaranteed same-day service 24/7/365 anywhere anytime in the U.S. and Canada.

State-of-the-art invoicing and provider funding pays invoices within 24 hours of processing
Advanced charges payment remediation and validation
Comprehensive monthly reporting
Emergency Commercial Fleet Vehicle Collision Assistance
Customize your insurance offerings to include emergency Commercial Fleet Vehicle Collision Assistance. These innovative services are designed to improve fleet program account holder satisfaction by saving them time, worry and headaches. 
When there's an incident or accident, NFTRS Fleet Management works on the insurance company's behalf right from the start to make sure the claim is handled in the most cost-effective and seamless way possible. 
Our emergency Commercial Fleet Vehicle Collision Assistance translates to peace of mind for your fleet program account holders.

We offer both standard and custom emergency roadside assistance programs for vehicles of every weight and classification: semi tractor trailer, trucks, equipment trailers, RVs, buses, motor homes and commercial tractor-trailers. 

Fleet roadside assistance plan coverage $399 per year per vehicle.

For roadside assistance for more than one vehicle or large fleet group rate benefits programs are available at discount prices please call us 1-800-592-3295 for estimate base on your fleet size. click on the Becoming Memebers  or copy and tranfer to your browser you can also email us 

Unlimited Roadside Assistance Programs Includes:
Towing up to 50 miles per disablement
Flat tire assistance, tire swap, tire change, we replace your own tire on your vehicle
Tire replacement assistance need new tire for your commercial vehicle up to $100 per disablement
Free Vehicle Jump start
Battery replacement up to $100
Mobile mechanic service up to $150
Vehicle Winching, Extricating up to $200
Oil, fluid and water delivery service up to $150
Locksmith lockout locks key replacements services up to $100
Fuel delivery service up to 15 gallons of fuel up to $100
24 hours dispatch answering services, call center contact customer services
Concierge Service: restaurants, lodging, truck stops, fuel stops, etc...
Hotel, motels and travel discounts
Nedd A rental , Car, trailer or truck rental and leasing finder service
We will pick you up and pick you back when your vehicle broke down, free pickup to hotel and back to the repair shop
Custom trip routing navigation assistance
Help with directions on the road

Find out what the NFTRS Fleet Management team can do for your business. Contact us now. 1-800-592-3295