Broken Down Roadside Assistance in The United States and Canada

Broken Down Roadside Assistance in The United States and Canada
When you're broken down on the side of the road, call upon NFTRS Fleet Management, Inc., of The United States and Canada, for speedy roadside assistance and semi truck towing services. We also offer a full-service garage for repairs. Give your fleet truly comprehensive roadside assistance—call us at 1-800-592-3295. Canada 1 (647) 795-9240

Semi truck Towing & Repair
NFTRS Fleet Management offers complete towing services throughout the United States and Canada Nationwide. We specialize in heavy truck and semitruck towing, including RVs and Class A semi trucks. If you're broken down We can help you anywhere anytime 24/7/365 national in the USA and Canada, choose us for towing and repair. 
Our full-service garage handles everything from oil changes to engine replacement on all domestic and some foreign vehicles.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance
Call NFTRS Fleet Management for big-truck roadside assistance. Many repairs (such as no-starts, broken air lines, and tire repairs) can be done on the side of the road, but if your auto problem is too extensive, we will tow your vehicle to our shop and repair it quickly and affordable.
Roadside Assistance for Passenger Vehicles
From tire changes and jump-starts to lockouts and fuel delivery, we always have your back when you're broken down. Check with your insurance provider or motor club beforehand since they may pay for tow truck service or gasoline.

Truck Repair Services

Truck & Trailer Repairs
DOT Inspections & Repairs, Roadside Inspections
Semi Repairs
Mechanical Repairs
Electrical Repairs
AC Repairs
RV Repairs
Reefer Repairs
Exhaust/Fuel System Repairs
Welding/Fabrication Services (Steel & Aluminum)
Swing/Overhead Door Repairs, Trailers door hinges
Lift Gate Repairs
Fuel Delivery
Jump Starts
Lock Outs
Fleet Maintenance
Tire Sales and Service, NEW and USED, including Super 
Lite, Medium & Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery
Abandoned Unit Recovery
Air Cushion Recovery
Secure Storage
Load Shifts
Load Transfers
Load Storage (Dry)
Pull Starts
Winch Outs
Forklift/Crane Services
Decking/Un-decking of Trailers or Heavy Equipment

Give your fleet truly comprehensive roadside assistance—call us at 1-800-592-3295.